Publishing on Magazine La Termotecnica (september 2012)

Publishing on magazine La Termotecnica (september 2012) Automatic control of a wood gasification energy system

The pyrolisis and gasification process of the syngas (syntesis gas) production starting from wood chips presents an important complexity in the energy system control, particularly when it has to be completely automatized. In all the phases of the process, from the biomass treatment and supply to the gasification reactor, up to the electrical and thermal energy production, going through the syngas cleaning sections, a high number of factors influences the operation. In this work, the applied logics and the Labview 8.5 (National Instruments) algorithms for the control of an entire energy system are reported. Some important results of such a system operation are discussed, when applied to a real energy system installed in Monopoli (Italy) at SOCOGES Srl, provided with a fixed bed downdraft gasifier of fir chips and a 150kWel internal combustion engine.

The automation system is the result, at a prototype state, of a complex R&D activity financed by SOCOGES Srl and by Regione Puglia (PO 2007 - 2013. Asse I. Linea di intervento 1.1 - "Aiuti agli Investimenti in Ricerca per le PMI"), and carried out in cooperation with the CREA Group (Research Center for Energy and Environment) of the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento