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Cover Pack


Cover Pack
for DOOSAN Stage V Industrial Engines from 33 Hp to 135 Hp


Modular, strong, compact

Produced by Socoges, the Cover Pack is a modular, robust and compact soundproofing canopy designed for DOOSAN StageV industrial engine.

The Cover Pack was created to reduce engine noise emissions even in the harshest working conditions.

Its modular design focuses on ease of access, which allows ordinary maintenance activities to be carried out at any time, even with the engines running.


The Cover Pack has been tested in extreme and demanding environmental conditions to ensure reliability.
Its framework is composed of removable soundproofing panels, which allow inspection inside the compartment without removing the engine.
Thanks to the plug-in access points, a quick check of fuel, water and oil can be carried out when required.


The unique steel case provides robust and complete protection of the engines against accidents, impact and vibration.
All metal panels are bolted to the chassis to allow them to be removed and to withstand vibration.
Sound-absorbing foam fitted to the inner faces of the compartment considerably reduces noise.


The Cover Pack includes three customized versions for each engine of DOOSAN StageV range (D18, D24 and D34).
The overall dimensions of the product make it compact while maintaining its strength.
The Cover Pack target is to be a Plug&Play engineered product including engine, radiator, filters, an exhaust gas after-treatment system, wiring harness and everything necessary to be ready to start.


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  • D34 Stage V

    Industrial Engines

  • D24 Stage V

    Industrial Engines

  • D18 Stage V

    Industrial Engines

  • D34 Tier 4 Final

    Industrial Engines

  • D24 Tier 4 Final

    Industrial Engines

  • D18 Tier 4 Final

    Industrial Engines